Trombone Champ hero image. Two trombone players on a colorful background with the logo in the foreground.

Trombone Champ

Honk, blow, & toot your way through over 20 songs. Collect all 50 unique Tromboner Cards and uncover the mysteries of the Trombiverse. Do you have what it takes to become the true Trombone Champ?

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What is Trombone Champ?

Trombone Champ is the world's first trombone-based rhythm music game. Unlike most music games, you can freely play any note at any time. You're not just following along with the music, you're actually playing the music!

Where can I play it?

Trombone Champ has been released for PC via Steam! You can buy it here.

A Mac release is currently being researched. Further ports are possible but not currently planned.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about the game and follow development...